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What to Consider When Choosing Retractable Banner Stands

There’s barely a company today that does not see the significance of deploying retractable banner stands at tradeshows and exhibition as product marketing and promotion tools. Such banner stands are portable, simple to deploy, and conspicuous, among other widely recognized advantages. Yet, every retractable banner stand design has its own marketing benefits. So you have to choose a design that matches your business goals, and here are ways to do that:

How Versatile is the Design?

Choose a product that’s versatile enough to support your intended application, whether indoors or outdoors. If you’re deploying the banner outside, you want to consider whether it has the full range of features that guarantees it will stand all conditions, such as a long-lasting scrim vinyl that ensures UV rays do not fade away the graphics on it and the steadiness to remain upright even when extremely aggressive winds.

The Size Factor

Choose the size of your retractable banner stand based on how you intend to use it. Normally, banner size ranges from a width of 10″ to 60″ and height of 7″ to 90″. Start by determining the size of your exhibition booth to work out banner size. As a general precaution, select a banner size that’s effective in commanding attention without obstruction prospective customers. If you’re using other marketing tools at your exhibition, make sure you don’t compromise their impact by deploying super large banners.

How Many Times are You Using the Same Retractable Banner Stand?

Will there be the need to edit the message and graphics on your banner? That may not be an issue you’ve worried about before, but the kind of retractable banner stand you buy is affected by the number of times you’ll deploy it for different promotions. When your have a single function for the banner throughout its life, such as portraying an enterprise logo or featuring a core business offering, a permanent graphic cassette will always suffice. On the contrary, if your marketing-oriented banner is meant for several products, and you regularly change your promotions, you’re better off with an interchangeable graphic cassette because it lets you change the exhibition content when need be.

Assess Your Quality Needs.

Every banner has its quality depending on the type of material it’s made of. Consider buying budget banners if they’re for less frequent application throughout the year. Their quality may be relatively low, but they are great for use in a gentle environment outside. For more often use and installation in extreme outside conditions, you’re better off with excellent quality banners.

Identify the ideal retractable banner stands that are superior resources for marketing, offering you unrivaled adoptability, easy use, and portability.

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