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Let’s just face it: there’s no way to avoid getting older. There are, however, plenty of ways for those who are self-conscious about signs of aging to avoid looking their age. Read on to find out about a few simple tips and tricks that are designed to target the areas most likely to show signs of aging for a guaranteed younger look that’s bound to keep people trying to determine age guessing.

Fighting Gravity

While there’s no winning against gravity, it is certainly possible to put up a good fight. One of the areas that most older women find is the first to show signs of gravity-induced age is the back of the arms. Thankfully, it’s quite simple to combat this issue with easy exercises such as triceps push backs, which involve holding a dumbbell in each hand and lifting the arms slowly until these weights are horizontal.

Not everyone likes exercising, though. For those who are less inclined to go to the gym but are still concerned about their flabby arms, today’s fashions provide a fantastic alternative. Simply look for clothes that have baggy sleeves or three-quarter length sleeves to hide that problem area while simultaneously showing off parts of the body that inspire a bit more confidence.

It’s All in the Eyes

While wrinkles can pop up just about everywhere, those that surround the eyes tend to be the most noticeable. After all, in polite society that’s where people look when they speak to each other. Those who are suffering from a new-found lack of confidence due to their eye wrinkles can attempt to draw attention to the eyes themselves through the use of white eye-liner, or they can commit themselves to a more long-term solution and begin looking into simple and minimally plastic surgery options.

Restore Those Pearly Whites

Most people base their first-impressions of strangers primarily on their smiles, so anyone who’s looking to appear younger shouldn’t neglect to give them adequate care. It’s an unfortunate truth that teeth begin to yellow over time even with adequate dental hygiene, but modern dental techniques provide plenty of options for those looking to turn back time and restore their pearly whites.

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