5 Takeaways That I Learned About Employment

School System Cannot Teach You Everything You Need To Know In Life

Everyone works hard to ensure they get all the ideas they learn in school in the hope that these ideas will help them once they get a job.Regardless of how much time one spends in school, there are certain aspects of life which no one will ever teach you and they are left for one to teach themselves.The challenges one will face are not easy to overcome as they may defer to a great extent from their normal way of life they are used to over many years in learning institutions.Though the learning process is continuous, the variance between what you learn in school and what you apply in job context is big.New entrants in the job industry find a lot of things which do not rhyme with their academic studies below are some of the challenges they encounter.

While in school everything is quite timed and that brings some form of rhythm in what one does throughout their years in school making it easy for anyone to adaptClasss work is quite flexible without any tight schedule which is not the same thing which can be said about employment where in many instances you find fixed working hours with some extensions.When you are expected to come up with your own working schedule as a new employee, it can seem a tall order.

Work responsibilities are much different from school responsibilities which revolves around good performance for personal satisfaction.There is a lot expected at workplace to enable you to get thing done in the right way such as understanding the organizational culture and structure.Most organizations undertake some induction procedures for new employees so as to enlighten them on the companies procedures.The expected level of commitment in a job is something many graduates are not aware of because they are never taught about work responsibilities.

Finally, work colleagues are much different from classmates because of the level of professionalism and the social structures within an organization.Every company have their own systems for communication which may differ from others which makes requires that everywhere one goes they will still face the same issue of adopting a new system.Choices related to which events one should attend or participate in are limited because everything is done through teamwork.Goals and objectives are achieved through cross-section efforts and no one bears the responsibility for achievement of a group.