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All About Contact Lenses

People with eye problems benefit from the use of contact lenses all over the world. Most people battle with the change from eye glasses to contact lenses, but this article may address some of your questions.

Ensure that the first thing you do is to have an optician carry out an eye exam. Contact lenses can make you uncomfortable or even make your eye condition worse if they don’t suit you. One of the biggest mistakes most people do when it comes to contact lenses, is to buy them without consulting their eye doctors. Simply don’t use the same eyeglass prescription to buy yourself contact lenses. An optician will make sure you have the correct contact lens for your eyes and that you are comfortable with them. But this also applies even to people who have worn contact lens for a long time. A frequent visit will ensure your eyes are in great shape and that the contact lenses are not affecting your eyes but rather add value.

When it comes to lenses, there are two types. There are the disposable ones and non-disposable. The contact lenses that can be disposed after use is what is referred to as disposable lenses. It so happens that opticians actually recommend their use. The safe way according to eye doctors is to use the disposable ones and moat doctors attest to this.

People who are allergic and therefore have itchy eyes need to change their contact lenses on a daily basis and thus are perfect candidates for disposable contact lenses. They also have the advantage of ease. Those that are non-disposable do not have this benefit. Upon a review of the options, make sure you have chosen wisely.

When handling contact lenses, you need to be very careful because of the fact that they are delicate. Your doctor will sure give you a list of the dos and don’ts when it comes to handling your contact lenses. There is a lot of cleaning involved with contact lenses due to the fact that you have to put them on and off every single day. Always ensure that you wash your hands and rinse them thoroughly and dry before handling the contact lenses. Use only soap that is free from any perfumes and oils to wash your hands. Some towels when used leave some lint on your skin, ensure that you don’t use such to dry your hands when handling the contact lenses. When handling the lenses, use only your fingertips and not any sharp objects. Don’t ever put damaged contact lenses in your eye, check every time before you put them on to avoid damage.

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